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Resources category: The Americas

Case Study - São Paulo Breathes Better: Adoption of Smokefree Indoor Environments

Authored by Pan American Health Organization (2010 & 2019)

This two part case study presents the initial implementation process of tobacco-free environments in São Paulo, Brazil after The São Paulo Anti Tobacco Law was passed in 2009, and it's continued implementation 10 years later. Documents available in Portuguese.

Decriminalizing Commercial Tobacco: Addressing Systemic Racism in the Enforcement of Commercial Tobacco Control

Authored by US Public Health Consortium

A joint statement from a consortium of US public health organizations setting forth principles to help health departments, decisionmakers, advocates, and other stakeholders advance equitable enforcement practices related to the purchase, possession, sale, and distribution of all tobacco products.

Case Study: Effective Translation of the Framework Convention in Mexico

Authored by Thrasher et al. (2008)

This case study describes the impact of the sociocultural and political-economic context of Mexico on WHO-FCTC policy uptake. It examines advancing tobacco control policy through strategic, contextually-specific communication efforts and uses smokefree policy to illustrate barriers to compliance in the Mexican context.

Tobacco Industry Youth Smoking Prevention Programs: Protecting the Industry and Hurting Tobacco Control

Authored by Landman et al. (2002)

This article analyzes tobacco industry documents to determine why industry-sponsored youth smoking prevention programs were developed, how they were used to fight tobacco control policy and programming, and their lack of effect on youth smoking prevalence. 

Observatory on Strategies of the Tobacco Industry in Brazil

Authored by The Observatory

This website offers detailed information and data on the tactics used by the tobacco industry in Brazil, the legislative measures Brazil is adopting to meet FCTC and WHO directives, and the people and organizations involved with the tobacco industry that lobby against tobacco control measures in Brazil. The website is available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.