Europe is the home of The Union’s headquarters in Paris, France. Through our offices in Europe, The Union works at a strategic level to influence global health policy. 

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Health Challenges in Europe


new TB cases and 26,000 TB deaths each year


of adults smoke. The highest prevalence of tobacco smoking globally.


of all deaths in adults over 30 attributable to tobacco use

The Union's Offices

The Union’s headquarters in Paris is the global cornerstone of the organisation, taking on a coordinating role, sets policy and provides financial oversight of the organisation. The Union Switzerland Office, based in Geneva, acts as the political convenor for The Union, working at a strategic level to influence global health policy through high-level discussion and partnership.

Our work


The Union has worked in Europe since 2006, providing grants and technical support to organisations working on tobacco control activities through the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use (BI) Grants Program.

Members of The Union Europe Region

The Union is divided into seven regions to provide a platform for addressing lung health and related issues from a regional perspective. This structure offers members opportunities to network with colleagues who face the same regional challenges and contributes to The Union's deep understanding of local issues. 

The Union Europe Region is made up of individuals and organisations.

Members in action

Europe members pioneer regional focus at Union World Conferences

Members in Europe initiated the first dedicated region Scientific Track, held at the Union World Conference on Lung Health. The sessions, developed in partnership with members of The Union’s Europe Region, shared experiences and challenges that are specific to the continent and invited delegates to focus on TB and lung health concerns that are particularly pressing in Europe.