The Union has been organising conferences around the world on lung health and related issues for over a hundred years.

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The Union World Conference on Lung Health

The Union World Conference on Lung Health is the world’s largest gathering of clinicians and public health workers, health programme managers, policymakers, researchers and advocates working to end the suffering caused by lung disease, with a focus specifically on the challenges faced by low-and lower-middle income populations.

The Union World Conference on Lung Health 2024

The Union World Conference on Lung Health 2024 will be held from 12-16 November in Bali, Indonesia.

We cannot wait to welcome you to the largest lung health gathering in the world, filled with groundbreaking science, cutting-edge innovations and community engagement (and of course, some wonderful networking opportunities).

Submissions have now launched. You have a plethora of submission options to choose from. Submissions are open from 20 February - 8 April (except Satellite Sessions which will remain open until 30 May in its first round).

For more information, please explore:

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Regional Conferences

The Union’s members work together to organise regional scientific conferences bringing together experts to focus on topics of importance to public health in the region. These events provide an opportunity to present region-specific research, discuss innovative local programmes and offer training targeted to regional needs.

The Union is divided into seven regions to help address lung health and related issues from a regional perspective. Members can network with colleagues who face the same regional challenges and contribute to The Union's deep understanding of local issues.