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Sharing expertise: The Union’s technical assistance

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The Union offers technical assistance at the request of governments, agencies and other organisations. Our goal is to provide assistance that addresses both national priorities and international standards, policies and objectives.

The Union’s focus is on working hand-in-hand, in partnership with the country. Union experts provide the support in developing and implementing the protocols and implementation planning needed to meet the particular needs and priorities of each country.

This assistance is based on the real and practical experience of The Union’s work for decades at the forefront in the fight against tuberculosis, lung disease and tobacco use.

Our projects

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Tobacco control

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The Union has helped:
• 3.82 billion people in 37 countries through smoke-free laws
• 3.87 billion people in 28 countries through higher tobacco tax
• 4.11 billion people in 33 countries through graphic health warnings

Project Axshya

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Between January 2018 and March 2020, The Union’s Project Axshya has facilitated the identification and testing of 730,000 people with presumptive TB, and the project provided sputum collection and transportation services to 320,000 people, resulting in 20,000 patients being diagnosed with TB.