Throughout Africa, The Union provides technical assistance, education and research programmes in tuberculosis (TB), multidrug-resistant TB, child TB, TB-HIV and tobacco control.

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Health Challenges in Africa


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​​​​​​​Our work in Africa


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Read more about TREAT TB (Technology, Research, Education and Technical Assistance for Tuberculosis), an ambitious initiative that was launched by The Union, seeking to contribute new knowledge regarding shorter, more tolerable treatment regimens for MDR-TB.

Our work

The Union’s tobacco control work in Africa

The Union has worked in Africa since 2006, providing grants and tobacco control technical support through the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use (BI) Grants Program.

The Union Uganda Office

Since 2002, The Union Uganda Office provides technical assistance to the National TB and Leprosy Programme in Uganda to strengthen interventions for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis (TB). The Union works with implementing partners across Uganda’s health system structure, providing TB and TB-HIV training. 

Members of The Union Africa Region

The Union is divided into seven regions to provide a platform for addressing lung health and related issues from a regional perspective. This structure offers members opportunities to network with colleagues who face the same regional challenges and contributes to The Union's deep understanding of local issues.

The Union Africa Region is made up of both organisational and individual members.


TB and Mental Health: An overview

subtitle: Friday 9 October, 14:00 - 15:00 PM CEST

Published on

This webinar is hosted by The Union’s TB and Mental Health working group, in partnership with Survivors Against TB, a community group that works with TB survivors and diverse stakeholders to advocate on creating patient and community focused paradigms of care in TB in India…

Availability of and challenges to resistance testing for second-line drugs, including the new and repurposed TB drugs

subtitle: Thursday 24 September,

Published on

The session reported on the survey of Union members and members of Global Drug Initiative and Global Laboratory Initiative about the availability of drug susceptibility testing, followed by a discussion of potential strategies to expand this availability.

Maintaining essential child and adolescent TB services during the COVID-19 pandemic: practical solutions and lessons learnt

subtitle: Thursday 3 September, 13:00 - 14:30 PM CEST

Published on

Although the primary risk of coronavirus infection in young people with co-morbidities such as TB, HIV, or severe malnutrition is still uncertain, the negative impact of the pandemic on this already vulnerable population is becoming clear.

Where Bans Are Best: LMICs Must Prohibit E-cigarettes & HTPs to Tackle Tobacco

subtitle: Friday 10 July, 2:00 - 3:00 AM CEST

Published on

Expert speakers will discuss The Union's new position paper 'Where bans are best: Why LMICs must prohibit e-cigarettes and heated tobacco product sales to truly tackle tobacco' which considers the potential impact that novel products could have on low- and middle-income…

Preserving TB and TB-HIV services in the face of an unprecedented pandemic in Africa

subtitle: Wednesday 1 July, 12:00 - 13:00 CEST

Published on

This Union member-led webinar builds on this IJTLD article, describing the TB and COVID-19 situation in Zimbabwe, and discussing safeguarding the provision of TB and collaborative TB-HIV services in Africa. Recent international guidance on TB-HIV care during COVID-19 will…

Fumar en tiempos de COVID-19

subtitle: Mié., 24 de Jun. de 2020 16:00 - 17:45 CEST

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Spanish language webinar
Los facilitadores serán el Dr. Gustavo Zabert y el Lic. Gustavo Sóñora.
Los expositores serán la Dra. Laura Llambí, el Dr. Rogelio Pérez Padilla y el Dr. Carlos Jiménez Ruiz. Con comentario especial del Dr Eduardo Bianco.

Panel discussion: How to prevent 1.4 million deaths: Advancing TB care and prevention in the time of COVID-19

subtitle: Wednesday 20 May, 16.00-17:00 CEST

Published on

Moderator: Victoria MacDonald, Channel 4 news
Panellists: Lucica Ditiu, Stop TB Partnership, Marijke Wijnroks, The Global Fund, Tereza Kasaeva, WHO, Cheri Vincent, USAID, Catharina Boehme, FIND, José Luis Castro, The Union, Subrat Mohanty, The Union

APCAT Webinar: Government accountability in responding to COVID-19, NCDs and Tobacco Use

subtitle: Tuesday 12 May, 10.00-11:30 CEST

Published on

Moderator: Shobha Shukla, Citizen News Service & Coordinator - APCAT Media
Speakers: Khagraj Adhikari, Member of Parliament, Nepal and Chair-APCAT Parliamentarians; Shameem Haider Patwary, Member of Parliament, Bangladesh; Bima Arya Sugiarto, Mayor, Bogor City…