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The Union provides educational support to develop clinical expertise, management skills and the ability to discover solutions through research and advocacy. As well as our established series of in-person courses, The Union also offers tailored, custom courses and a series of online open access courses.

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Upcoming Courses

The Union uses our rich expertise to run fee-based courses that develop clinical expertise, management skills and the ability to discover solutions through research and advocacy. 

On Request and Tailored Courses

The Union can help you design courses and curriculum to meet your specific training needs. With expertise in the clinical, programmatic, and organisational management of diseases our team has designed programmes for some of the leading lung health organisations in the world. We specialise in programmes designed to reduce the burden of lung disease, improve overall lung health, better manage TB in low-resource settings, and implement tobacco control programmes.

Take a Union Course Online

Open-access learning

The Union also offers a range of online courses that are free to access. Learn the latest best practices in TB, operational research, drug-resistant TB, attend webinars and much more.

Cours en ligne à accès libre

Cours en ligne sur l’interprétation des clichés de radiographie thoracique

La radiographie thoracique occupe actuellement une place centrale dans l’arsenal diagnostique de la tuberculose. Cet important outil délaissé pendant longtemps du fait de quelques contraintes liées à son coût d’acquisition et à la disponibilité de ressources humaines qualifiées est devenu de nos jours de plus en plus accessible.

Il y a donc nécessité que les praticiens surtout ceux exerçant dans les régions les plus éloignées soient outillés pour l’interprétation d’une radiographie thoracique. Si vous êtes médecin exerçant au sein des Programmes Nationaux de lutte contre la Tuberculose (PNT) au niveau national, régional ou périphérique, ou clinicien exerçant en milieu hospitalier, ce cours est pour vous.

Ce cours, entièrement libre d’accès, a été développé dans le cadre du projet CETA sur financement de l’Agence Française de Développement.

Open-access learning online

Programmatic and Clinical Management of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

Our comprehensive online programmatic and clinical management of drug-resistant tuberculosis course, specifically designed for clinical officers, nurses, paramedics and other health workers is available for free and includes everything from the epidemiology and diagnosis of DR-TB to the clinical presentation, treatment, infection control and reporting.

The course includes presentations and case studies on: Epidemiology and Diagnosis, Clinical Presentation and Treatment; and Infection Control and Reporting.

The course is available in English and Ukrainian.

Open-access learning online

Child and Adolescent TB Training for Healthcare Workers

Learn from the free and updated material that supports teaching and learning on TB in children and adolescent.

The training package contains teaching modules on: epidemiology, detection, treatment and prevention of tuberculosis and drug-resistant tuberculosis; tuberculosis in particular high-risk groups such as those living with HIV or mothers and infants; and programmatic aspects and data.

This updated training package was developed in collaboration with the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and funded by Unitaid.

Open-access learning online

Prevent Tuberculosis: Management of TB Infection

Join this free course and improve your knowledge of the management of TB infection.

Improve diagnosis and treatment of TB Infection, and increase country-level implementation of TB prevention among i) household contacts of people affected by TB, especially children under five, ii) people with risk factors to develop TB, and iii) people living with HIV.

This course is available in English, French and Spanish.

The Union’s webinars

Open-access learning online: The Union, in collaboration with its global community of members, hosts an ongoing open-access webinar series on tuberculosis, tobacco control, COVID-19 and other lung diseases.

Learn from our experts, members and high-profile speakers, at no cost.

Union Courses Faculty: Meet our experts

The Union faculty have expertise in the clinical, programmatic, and organisational management of diseases, as well as leading expertise in public health management. Our team has decades of experience and we have designed programmes for some of the leading lung health organisations in the world.