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Examples of Tobacco Control Strategic Plans

Examples of tobacco control strategies to provide guidance for creating comprehensive implementation and enforcement agendas, yearly plans and public health goal setting.

MISSOURI COMPREHENSIVE TOBACCO CONTROL: An example of a sub-national Tobacco Control Strategy for the state of Missouri, USA, 2016-21.

CREATING A SMOKEFREE GENERATION: An example of a national Tobacco Control Strategy for Scotland 2013-18.

TOWARDS A SMOKEFREE GENERATION: A national tobacco control plan for England, 2017.

TOBACCO FREE IRELAND: An example of a national tobacco control plan for Ireland 2013-23.

TEN-YEAR TOBACCO CONTROL STRATEGY FOR NORTHERN IRELAND: An example of a national Tobacco Control Strategy. A Ten-Year Tobacco Control Strategy for Northern Ireland, 2012-22.

ENGLAND TOBACCO CONTROL DELIVERY PLAN 2017-2022: In conjunction with the Tobacco Control Plan for England, this Delivery Plan identifies lead agencies, milestones and metrics to measure success.

NATIONAL TOBACCO CONTROL STRATEGY PHILIPPINES 2017 - 2022: An example of a national Tobacco Control Strategy. The Philippines, 2017-2022. (please see pdf download at top of page).

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