International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease

The IJTLD is the official publication of The Union, and the leading peer-reviewed journal dedicated to lung health worldwide.

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About the Journal

The IJTLD is evolving. Alongside research on TB, we cover related respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchiectasis, COVID-19, COPD, child lung health and the hazards of tobacco and air pollution.

A subscription provides unrestricted access to all our content including Editorials, Original Articles and Correspondence, alongside new article formats for Minireviews, Clinical Standards, Letters and Literature Highlights. Our impact factor is also growing – the 2022 Impact factor is 4.0.

Individuals and Institutes can subscribe to the IJTLD online, simply e-mail us at

Launch of IJTLD OPEN

Funding agencies (including WHO and Gates Foundation) have recently mandated that authors must publish exclusively in fully-OA journals.

Our response to this change is to maintain the IJTLD for authors in LMICs who lack OA funding, while also launching a new title, IJTLD OPEN. This allows us to have a fully compliant OA journal that will enhance our coverage of TB and lung disease.

Both journals have the same Editorial Board with an identical peer review process and acceptance criteria. The only difference occurs after acceptance – authors with OA funding will be published in IJTLD OPEN.

Information for Authors

The 2022 Impact Factor for the IJTLD is 4.0. The Journal presents clinical research and epidemiological studies on lung health, including articles on TB, TB-HIV and respiratory diseases such as COVID-19, asthma, COPD, child lung health and the hazards of tobacco and air pollution.

There are no fees for publishing in IJTLD, but there may be fees for additional features - see Journal Publication Charges

The IJTLD is available online

The latest peer-reviewed articles on TB and HIV; respiratory diseases such as asthma and COPD; and the hazards of tobacco and air pollution. Recent coverage has expended to include COVID-19 and the interplay between TB-COVID-19 and other co-morbidities.

Individuals and institutes can subscribe to the IJTLD online – see our Subscription information or e-mail us at for details.

The IJTLD Clinical Standards

We recently launched the IJTLD Clinical Standards for Lung Health, for optimal management of patients.

Thanks to the support of the Oskar-Helene-Heim Foundation and the Günther Labes Foundation, the first four Clinical Standards are Open Access and freely available to our global audience of clinicians and healthcare workers.

The series launched with Clinical standards for the assessment, management and rehabilitation of post-TB lung disease followed by Clinical standards for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of TB infectionClinical standards for the dosing and management of TB drugs and Clinical standards for drug-susceptible pulmonary TB.

Advertising and Sponsorship opportunities

Advertising or sponsoring content is an effective means of reaching clinicians, researchers, health workers, decision makers and students.

Sponsors can support the creation of a Collection or a Supplement on a relevant topic of interest, either in print or a digital collection of articles, for elevated visibility of your products and services.

Other opportunities include being involved in the creation of informative PostersInfographics, or scientific Animations to clarify relevant biological processes. 

IJTLD Fast-Track Articles

In order to share scientific research of immediate concern as rapidly as possible, The Union is fast-tracking the publication of certain accepted articles from the IJTLD and publishing them in full on our website, prior to their publication in the Journal. Read fast-track articles:

Other versions of the journal

The IJTLD has been published in several languages, and publishes the Union World Conference abstract book each year.


For all IJTLD enquiries, please contact the IJTLD Editorial Office