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Pre-submission Queries

Original articles

  • Pre-submission queries are not required for Original articles. Authors are requested to submit their articles directly via Manuscript Central. If an article is deemed unsuitable for publication the authors are assured of a rapid response.

State of the Art articles

  • Due to the very high submission rate and the resulting space restrictions, the IJTLD is now limiting publication of State of the Art articles to those that are timely and provide useful information for readers.
  • Authors wishing to submit a State of the Art article to the IJTLD are therefore requested to send a pre-submission query consisting of a one-page proposal to the Editorial Office. A response concerning the suitability or otherwise of the article will be returned within five days.

Meta-analyses and systematic reviews

  • Meta-analyses and systematic reviews do not require a presubmission query. Such papers should adhere to the length requirements for State of the Art articles but will be assessed and published as original articles.

Perspective articles

  • Counterpoints and Unresolved issues articles are now grouped under the global title of Perspectives. These are usually solicited only. Authors wishing to submit a Perspective article to the IJTLD are requested to send a short pre-submission query to the Editorial Office.