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Plagiarism Policy

All articles submitted to the IJTLD will be checked using the iTHENTICATE plagiarism detection software.

A specific process is followed to manage a case of plagiarism.  The IJTLD follows the guidelines contained in the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) flowcharts (

In the case of suspected plagiarism in a published article:

  • The person who advised us of the situation is informed about the process to be followed.
  • The articles are compared to check the degree of copying.
  • All Editors of the IJTLD are informed and asked for their comments.
  • The corresponding author of the article in question is contacted with documentary evidence of the case of plagiarism and is asked for a response.
  • If the authors are found guilty of plagiarism
    • The editor of the journal in which the original plagiarised article was published and the authors of the plagiarised article are informed
    • The IJTLD publishes an official retraction of the paper
    • The online version of the IJTLD article is withdrawn from the Ingenta host site, and
    • The IJTLD will not publish any article by any of the authors concerned for a period of five years.