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The Union’s training courses can help improve your TB knowledge

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The Union Training and Education

Monthly ‘round-up’ news item – February 2024

How The Union’s training courses can help improve your TB knowledge and skills


Lara Garrido-Herrero, Director of Training and Education, was interviewed at the World Conference of Lung Health 2023 about the range of training courses that The Union provides. She explains more about our courses and how they can help improve your TB knowledge and skills.


You can watch the full interview here.


Interview on Union LIVE


Take a look at our upcoming international training courses:



What makes your training courses unique?


The Union courses cater to healthcare professionals who work in high TB burden countries and low resource settings. We understand that these healthcare professionals need the latest research and knowledge worldwide to effectively combat TB, and that they need practical approaches to overcome their local challenges. Our courses are designed to provide educational support to develop clinical expertise, management skills, and other necessary competencies, and allow participants to immediately put in practice what they have learned.


Our hybrid courses aim to provide a concise yet comprehensive influx of knowledge, combining theory and practice and offering an efficient way of learning while reducing the time you need to be away from your practice.


How do you ensure the quality of courses is maintained?


We collaborate with national TB programmes and international experts and continuously conduct research, enabling us to create guidelines for our courses. Collecting annual surveys and feedback helps us understand the requirements of different countries and allows us to form the content of our upcoming courses.


Where does The Union funding come from?


The Union is a not-for-profit organisation. While we do not have our own funds, we work with international and governmental agencies, foundations and corporations which support us and enable us to offer our free online courses through grants and sponsorships. We are constantly seeking additional funding to improve the range of our free online courses.  


Take a look at some our free online training courses available: