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Principles of Tuberculosis Care and Prevention: Translating Knowledge to Action

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Participants in a field visit

May 2024



To drive the way towards ending tuberculosis (TB), health professionals need to understand the principles of TB care and prevention, require the skills to manage patients and work with and within the National TB Programmes (NTPs). 

This course, previously known as the International TB Course, has been in existence for several decades and was updated and shortened in 2016.  The current course will be offered in a hybrid format and will consist of two parts:

i) an asynchronous component with pre-recorded video presentations and

ii) an in-person session with site visits and field practicals


This course will provide the knowledge and skills to improve management of persons with TB and strengthen programmatic practices.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the bacteriological and epidemiological basis for the principles of effective TB patient care and programme management.
  • Understand transmission of TB bacilli and pathogenesis of TB.
  • Understand diagnosis of TB infection and disease.
  • Treat and provide support to persons with TB infection and disease.
  • Record, report, analyse and use data on TB for decision making at all levels of health care and continuous quality improvement of TB services.
  • Describe the epidemiology of TB, including drug-resistant TB, and TB in key populations, including persons living with HIV.
  • Monitor and evaluate TB programme activities and provide support and supervision to providers working at different levels of health care.


Course Director: Dr Riitta Dlodlo

Dr Riitta Dlodlo with participants

Target audience

This course is designed for staff of national TB programmes, such as TB coordinators working at the national and sub-national levels of health services. It is also suitable for medical, clinical and nursing officers, monitoring and evaluation officers, laboratory and radiology staff and professionals working in health services management interested in TB care and prevention. Technical partners and persons who plan to work in TB and communicable diseases control in the above-mentioned settings will also find this course relevant.

Course details


Asynchronous content to be completed between March and April 2024

In-person session: from 6th to 11th May 2024 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Language: English

Number of participants (maximum): 25

What are the costs to participate in the course?   

The course fee is 2,800 EUR. It will include:

  • Unlimited access to the online course materials
  • In-person session for 6 days
  • Lunch and coffee/tea breaks during the in-person session

The fee does not include return travel from the participant’s home country to Bulawayo, (Zimbabwe) travel insurance, visa costs or accommodation.

The fee is payable via credit card or international bank transfer.

How to apply for the course?

To complete your registration, you will need to submit a CV and the details of your sponsor or the person paying for the course fees.

Unfortunately, The Union does not have funding to offer scholarships to attend this course. We encourage participants to find a sponsor locally.

Download the Course Brief.