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Supporting the next generation: Student members

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As part of a drive to support the next generation of lung health leaders, The Union is accepting applications for free student memberships. This has been thanks to the generosity of Union members who have been donating the memberships.

During the week of World TB Day 2022, we wanted to highlight a few of these new student members.

The Union is still accepting applications for these gift memberships. Please complete the application form if you would like to apply.


Era Dorihi Kale, Indonesia

Era is a doctoral student, whose dissertation topic is TB adherence.

Era tells us what the student membership means to her:

“I want to know more about tuberculosis through involve in The Union. I wish to be involved in research, conferences or other activities that will contribute to TB elimination.”

Era Dorihi Kale

Leah Mwendwa, South Africa

Leah is a postgraduate student at Stellenbosch University pursuing an MSc in Molecular Biology and studies alongside the TB Genomics group.

Leah shares her future aspirations and what the student membership means to her:

“I have a passion for research and my long-term career goal is to contribute towards building resilient health research systems in Sub-Saharan Africa and the world at large.

“Therefore, I believe that, by being a member of The Union, I will be in a better position to have an in-depth understanding of TB and its causative agent, M. tuberculosis."

“While being a member of The Union and attending The Union conferences, I will meet researchers from diverse parts of the world. This will be a prestigious opportunity to exchange research ideas, discuss the progress of TB research as well as the challenges posed by TB on a global platform. It will also help me learn new ideas and technologies and also present my research work in the effort to come together as scientists with one goal: To End TB.”

Leah Mwendwa

Ravindra Nath, India

Ravindra is currently pursuing an MD Community Medicine from Vardhman Mahavir Medical College & Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi, India.

Ravindra explains why he is passionate about improving access to tuberculosis (TB) care:

“During my Orthopedic posting, I saw a case of Pott’s Spine (Bone TB) for the first time and realised that this kind of hump I have seen in my grandmother during my childhood visits to paternal village in Bihar (India). That day, I confirmed with my father that my own grandmother could not access treatment for tuberculosis and it progressed into Pott’s Spine. I was deeply moved by this.

“This fresh interest in tuberculosis landed me in the Indian Council of Medical Research as Medical Officer in the National TB Prevalence Survey project. I was posted in Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state and largest contributor of TB in India. I got a chance to work in the rural most part of my country and was deeply disturbed by the fact that despite the availability of free government services related to TB care, people with TB were not able to access it. With every passing month, my interest in access to TB care grew stronger.”

Ravindra Nath

Anu Pargavi, India
Anu is a medical school student in India. Anu explains why she values the student membership:

“I'm working on a study to assess the stigma associated with TB to provide psychiatric assistance to people with TB. I believe the Union will provide me with a platform to further explore and learn about recent developments in TB and lung disease.”


Gabriel Muyiemba Wamalwa, Kenya

Gabriel is studying for a Masters in Biomedical Sciences at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, while working as a laboratory scientist with the Kenyan Ministry of Health.

Gabriel explains why he wanted to become a Union member:

“Am very much interested to do more research in TB and other lung diseases. The Union membership will enable me to interact and relate to other Union members with ease. Especially attending the relevant meetings and conferences.

“This will go a long way in assisting the decision policymakers in my country. I will give my contribution not only to the research world, but also to the community and country in general.

“The student membership will support me as an emerging professional in the earliest stage of their career."

Gabriel Muyiemba Wamalwa