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New Year, New Knowledge

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2023 Training Courses with The Union

The Union Training and Education

Hybrid-style learning

One of the biggest changes to our training this year is our increased flexibility to best meet the needs of our course participants.

Following our successful in-person and online training over the last few years, we are taking on board the feedback we’re receiving – and we’re now proud to introduce our first-ever ‘hybrid’ courses.

These courses will start off initially with online sessions, followed by field visits to allow participants to apply their new knowledge and skills in a practical setting. And so, our plan for these courses is to encapsulate the best of both learning platforms.

Training and Education


Dates to add to your diary

Training and education courses confirmed with The Union for 2023 include:

  • Cours International sur la Lutte contre la Tuberculose (Hybrid) in French

Ce cours se déroulera initialement en ligne, du 28 mars au 25 avril et sera suivi de visites sur le terrain à Cotonou au Bénin  du 26 juin au 30 juin. En savoir plus et s'inscrire.

  • Cours International sur la Tuberculose Multirésistante (TBC) in French

Ce cours aura lieu sur le terrain à Douala au Cameroun entre septembre et octobre 2023 (dates à confirmer).

  • The International Course on the Clinical Management of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis, in English (Online only)

This course will run over 4 weeks starting on the 8th June, and will include the latest WHO guidelines and research findings on the clinical and programmatic management of DR-TB. It will be particularly useful to those working in limited-resource settings. Find out more.


We will also soon be announcing the following course: Principles of TB Care and Prevention (Hybrid). This course will be taking place in September (dates TBC).