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Examples of Smokefree Hospital Guides

This is a set of strategic guides, toolkits and brochures to equip those implementing smokefree policies in hospitals or health care facilities with the steps and tools for effective implementation and enforcement.

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Smokefree Hospital Toolkit: A Guide for Implementing Smokefree Policies

US CDC, 2005

This toolkit offers guidance across six objectives of implementation across three different roles important for implementation - employers, health care providers, and community members - and provides examples and tips for creating a smokefree hospital implementation strategy. 

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NYC Smokefree Regulations: A Guide for Health Care Facilities

NYC Health, 2010

This regulations guide provides a sample brochure to increase policy knowledge on smokefree health care facility requirements in New York City. 

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Smokefree Hospital Guide, USA

Henry Ford Health System and the Joint Commission, 2011

This document is the result of a three-year study in the United States aiming to identify strategies for effective implementation of smokefree hospital policies. This guide provides a seven-part, step-by-step implementation strategy with examples and tools for effective implementation of smokefree policies on hospital properties. 


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