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Tobacco tax

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OUR IMPACT: 3.87 billion people in 28 countries through higher tobacco tax*

Increasing tax on tobacco is the most effective way to reduce tobacco consumption. It is high-impact and cost-effective. When used strategically, increased tobacco taxes can help to cover the cost of tobacco use to a society, and the extra revenue from the tax can be dedicated for health promotion.

Key Facts

  • Increasing tobacco prices through taxation is the most effective way to reduce tobacco consumption.
  • The tobacco industry strongly opposes tax increases because it is such an effective tobacco control measure.
  • Increased revenues from higher tobacco taxes can be used to reduce consumption still further, when the new funds are dedicated for use in tobacco control programmes.
  • Higher tobacco taxes can prevent death and malnutrition by reducing the proportion of household income spent on tobacco rather than on food.
  • Young people, and those with low income, are the most likely to quit when tobacco prices rise. 
  • Article 6 of the World Health Organization's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control  states that parties must consider tobacco control objectives when setting tax policies.

*Updated April 2019