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Join The Union as a tobacco control member

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As well as being a scientific institute, The Union has thousands of members in 147 countries around the world. From clinical researchers, university faculty, students, and health ministry officials to activists, advocates, nurses and allied health professionals, plus numerous global health organisations, Union members are leading the charge against TB and lung disease worldwide.

The Tobacco Control Section comprises of Union members who share common professional interests in creating a tobacco free world through active collaborations, dissemination of ideas and demonstration of leadership in policy, practice and scientific research. As part of the section, Union members work closely to organise webinars on varied tobacco control topics of interest to international audience, and assist tobacco control implementers and advocates with policy making in their countries, and contribute to the scientific programme of The Union World Lung Conference.

Tobacco control members’ working groups

Tobacco control members currently run three expert working groups, each focussing on complex or emerging issues in tobacco control. Members of the tobacco control section join these groups in order to become part of an ongoing conversation with colleagues and peers across the globe who are tackling similar challenges. 

  • MPOWER Research on Tobacco Control
  • Protecting Children from Tobacco Industry Interference in Health Policies

  • TB, HIV and tobacco

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Global thought-leadership in tobacco control

As part of The Union’s global webinar series, The Union’s Tobacco Control Section created and supported the development webinars reaching thousands of registered attendees:

  • Progress and Best Practices of MPOWER Implementation in Tobacco Control
  • Where Bans Are Best: LMICs Must Prohibit E-cigarettes & HTPs to Tackle Tobacco
  • APCAT Webinar: Government accountability in responding to COVID-19, NCDs and Tobacco Use.