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Journal Publication Charges for 2024

Open Access (OA)

Because of the Coalition S mandate prohibiting OA articles in hybrid journals, OA is no longer an option for the IJTLD. Instead authors are directed to IJTLD Open, which is fully compliant with the OA policy.

Colour Figures

As the IJTLD transitions to online-only, we have removed all charges for colour figures.

Excess Page Charges

Authors are requested to meet our Journal requirements in terms of article length set out in the Instructions to Authors.

If the author is unable to comply, an excess page charge of 350€ per page is applied for each page over six journal pages for Original articles and 8 journal pages for State of the Art articles. Authors may include excess tables and figures as online Supplementary Data (see below).

Supplementary Data

Supplementary material (additional text, tables and figures) can be submitted into Supplementary Data, which is published alongside the online PDF of the article. Please note, this material should be carefully prepared, as it will not be copyedited or proofread by IJTLD staff. For 2024, there is a charge of €300 per 10 pp to host Supplementary Data.

The material should be submitted in PDF format at the time the original version of the manuscript is submitted for peer review, clearly labelled Supplementary Data. If referred to in the body text, figures/tables should be labelled as Figure S1, or Table S1 etc.