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Information for Speakers

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Speakers and Presenters Webinar (Recording Available)

Trying to figure out how to use our virtual platform this year and missed the briefing? We are here to help.

Learn how to upload your slides and pre-record your sessions as well as how to attend virtual sessions.

Below you will also find templates/slides as well as guidelines for speakers and presenters of oral abstracts and e-posters across the Scientific Programme, TBScience and Community Connect.

If you have any further questions, please email

Chairs of Sessions Webinar (Recording Available)

If you are a chair of a session in the upcoming Union World Conference on Lung Health from 19-22 October 2021, this video is for you.

Get yourself acquainted with our new virtual platform this year and figure out the in and out of the platform to ensure you are in control of the session and the following Q&A (if applicable).

If you need any further assistance, please email

​We are happy to share that the virtual 52nd Union World Conference on Lung Health has been accredited by the European Board for Accreditation in Pneumology (EBAP) with 20 continuing medical education (CME) credits. The CME application form will be available for completion from 20 October. Additional information on this accreditation will follow soon (including the session titles)

CME accreditation



Please note that all speakers need to register for the conference. You will find all information related to registration fees and conditions in this section of the conference website: If you have any questions about registration, please contact   


Please, note that this information is for speakers of Symposia and Oral Abstract sessions only (e-poster speakers, please refer to your specific guidelines below): 

  • Speakers must strictly comply with their allocated presentation time slot. Presentations exceeding the duration allocated will be automatically truncated.  

  • All speakers must prepare a PowerPoint presentation with a maximum of 10 slides, excluding title slides, the disclosure statement and any acknowledgements. Your presentation needs to be uploaded in PDF format and should be formatted in 16:9 (File > Page Setup > “Slide sized for: On-screen Show 16:9”). The size of your slides should be as follows: width 50.9 cm and height: 28.58 cm. The template to be used can be downloaded here

  • Speakers will be requested to simultaneously upload their slides and self-record their presentation by 19 September via a dedicated platform (a link with further instructions will be sent via email).  

  • Presentation slides should be clear, well-organised, informative and concise.  Speakers must have a working computer, microphone and camera (preferably external) for the recording of their presentation. 

  • A webinar was organised for speakers on 9 September. The recording of this webinar is now available. It will guide you through the process of recording your oral presentation and uploading your slides in the dedicated platform.

  • A PDF with technical guidelines to assist you with the upload of your slides and the recording of your presentation is also accessible here.  

  • Any speaker unable to upload and record their presentation in due time must urgently notify The Union as soon  as possible by emailing

  • Speakers and chairs are required to connect online during the session and be available to answer potential questions from the audience. Should one of the initial speakers not be able to connect on the day and time of the session for the live Q&A session, s/he will be required to ensure that one of the session stakeholders or a colleague will respond on their behalf and inform the Secretariat and the session chair(s) ahead of time.   

  • The Union is committed to promoting person-centered, non-stigmatising language in all materials and therefore requests that speakers follow the guidelines laid out in the Stop TB Partnership’s publication, Suggested Language and Usage for Tuberculosis Care, Communications and Publications

  • By confirming your presentation, you consented to the terms accessible here.  

  • All sessions will broadcast at the scheduled date and time. They will be available shortly after the session has taken place and can be viewed on demand until 31 December in the conference platform. 


  • Updates may be shared during the presentation but no modifications can be made to the submitted abstract.  

  • All Oral Abstract speakers should have received an email including their allotted time for presentation  

  • It is strictly forbidden to present abstracts that have been previously published or publicly presented before presentation at the 52nd Union World Conference on Lung Health. Please read our Conference Embargo Policy below.

  • All presented abstracts will be published in the Conference Abstract Book, which will be available shortly after the conference in The Union website. 


  • Speakers must present the information briefly described in the synopsis of their presentation. 

  • All symposia speakers should have received an email including their allotted time for presentation.  

  • All synopses will be published in the conference Abstract Book, which will be available shortly after the conference in the Union website. 


In addition to the guidelines mentioned for oral abstract presentations, please note the following:

  • TBScience presenters are requested to simultaneously upload their slides and self-record their presentation between 15-27 September via a dedicated platform. The link to access the platform will be shared with the TBScience presenters on 15 September.
  • Please use the TBScience PPT templates for oral and e-poster presenters provided in the section at the bottom of this page.
  • Any presenter unable to upload and record their presentation in due time must immediately notify TBScience Secretariat as soon as possible by emailing or directly Joanna Szostakowska-Naidoo at
  • All TBScience presenters must be registered for the 52nd Union World Conference on Lung Health in order to present. TBScience has been integrated into the conference this year and there is no exclusive TBScience registration. Presenters who are unable to cover their registration costs are requested to contact Joanna Szostakowska-Naidoo ( immediately in order to apply for a scholarship.


In addition to the guidelines mentioned for oral abstract presentations, please note the following:

  • All sessions comprise of 30 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes of Q&A (unless otherwise decided on in communication with Community Connect organisers). All speakers have an allocated time for their presentation. Please keep to this time scheduled to avoid confusion with other speakers in your session. Please contact your session organiser for further details. 

  • If the format of your presentation differs from the form mentioned above, please contact . Especially if you are conducting a pre-recorded panel discussion or an on-demand session. 

  • Please use the Community Connect PPT template provided at the end of this page

  • Any speaker unable to upload and record their presentation in due time must immediately notify CC21 organizers as soon as possible by emailing  


E-poster slide and audio recording upload: 

Each speaker will receive a link in the week of 20 September with detailed instructions and log in details to access the system to upload their e-poster slide and audio recording (more information in the section below). 

Slides and audio recordings uploads will close on 30 September.   

Relevant specifications 

All e-poster speakers must prepare: 

  • One slide outlining key findings and conclusions. Speakers must use the template which can be downloaded here. The e-poster slide should be clear, well-organised, informative and concise and should include all necessary information (title, methods, research, literature, etc.). You will find three different e-poster templates. You may choose the most appropriate one. 

  • 3-min audio recording of the presentation. The presenting authors must record the presentation themselves (with a smartphone, a computer or any other recording device) and upload the file via the dedicated platform. Most smartphones and computers have applications to record voice files. Speakers must make sure they are in a silent room when they record it. 

  • Please mention your name and the title of your presentation when you start recording your presentation. 

  • Please label the audio file with your name and abstract number. 

  • E-poster speakers must be mindful and respectful of the duration of their presentation and not exceed 3 minutes. Recordings will be truncated at 3 minutes. 

  • E-poster speakers must follow the general structure of the e-poster template provided but can adjust the font size and sections if the content does not fit. 

  • E-poster speakers will be requested to answer written questions that delegates post to their e-poster during the conference in the virtual gallery. 

  • All e-posters and recordings will become available online starting from 10:00 CEST, on 19 October 2021. 

  • E-posters will then be available in the library after the conference. 


All E-poster Abstracts are embargoed until 10:00 CEST, on 19 October 2021.

All Oral Abstracts are embargoed until the time and date of the start of the session in which they are delivered or during a press conference - whichever comes first.


We look forward to learning more about your work, please use the below templates depending on whether you are presenting an oral abstract, symposium or e-poster.