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Union brings together India TB programme to encourage advocacy, communications and social mobilisation

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In December 2022, The Union organised the first-ever workshop about advocacy, communications and social mobilisation for the National TB Programme in India.

First-ever workshop about advocacy, communications and social mobilisation for National TB Programme in India

The aim of the two-day workshop was to share best practice and reinforce the importance of advocacy, communications and social mobilisation in ending TB in India.

Over 100 people from across the National TB Programme attended the event, which covered all aspects, from design and content creation to media engagement and digital media.

Nearly 30 external speakers sharing their expertise, from organisations such as UNICEF, BBC Media Action and Global Health Strategies.

Dr Kuldeep Singh Sachdeva, Director of The Union South-East Asia Office, said: “Congratulations to Central TB Division, National TB Elimination Program, Government of India for hosting the first-ever workshop on advocacy, communications and social mobilisation. There is a high level of acceptance and messaging across platforms by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Minister of Health and Family Welfare and other stakeholders with a special effort of all to realise the dream of eliminating TB by 2025.”

Following the success of the workshop, it has been proposed to become an annual event.

The event was led by National Technical Support Unit on Advocacy, Communications and Social Mobilisation, which is managed by The Union, with support from the Central TB Division, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and other key partners.