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Open Access Webinar: Debate on the future of treatment for drug-resistant TB

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Popular member webinar, Debate on the future of treatment for drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB), is now available online, with open access.

The popular webinar, Debate on the future of treatment for drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB), originally released exclusively for Union members, is now available to the public.

The webinar, facilitated by Paul Jensen, Director of Policy and Strategy at The Union, offers a debate addressing the current approach to the management of DR-TB. The presentations Cascade of regimens by Arnaud Trebucq and The future for DR-TB care is best regimen first – a pan DR-TB regimen by Grania Brigden, Deputy Director, TB and HIV Department at The Union, share two perspectives on this important matter.

Union members have free, unlimited access to expert-led webinars as part of their member benefits. This year there are over 15 new webinars scheduled which cover topics such as TB & Ethics, TB & Tobacco Control and Patient-pathways analysis.

The next webinar, The funding and needs for Global TB R&D on Monday 4 March will discuss the third pillar of the END TB strategy, which calls for intensified research and innovation and an urgent boost in research investment. This was echoed by world leaders to in the UN High-Level Meeting on TB declaration, specifically “committing to advancing research for basic science, public health research and the development of innovative products and approaches”. The challenge now is to make the strategy and commitments become a reality, particularly the need for increased funding - currently TB R&D funding is only a third of what is required. With recent promising results from early vaccine trials and new drug and regimen trials underway, there is a critical need to increase TB R&D funding so that the desperately needed new tools and approaches for TB can be progressed and made available to all those who need them.

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