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Building mayoral leadership and accountability in Indonesia - July 2022

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Throughout July, The Union met with 10 district and city mayors and other key stakeholders to discuss the implementation of smoke-free, ban tobacco advertising, tobacco control enforcement, and much more.

With Mayor of Klungkung district - leading to tobacco-free district

The Union met with I Nyoman Suwirta, Mayor of Klungkung, Bali, and Chair of the Indonesian Mayor Alliance for Health and Development, to consolidate strategies for subnational policy expansion, implementation, and sustainability. Klungkung is one of the districts in Indonesia that has made it possible to implement smoke-free, ban tobacco advertising, and ban the display of tobacco products at the point of sale. The Mayor of the district inspires other cities and districts to follow by sharing lessons learned. The Union grantee Udayana Central provides technical assistance and policy advocacy.

With Mayor of Makassar City - creating a smoke-free city

The Union met the newly elected Mayor of Makassar City and discussed the smoke-free policy implementation and the need to ban tobacco advertising in the city. The Mayor and his team agreed to enhance enforcement and establish a mayoral decree to ban the display of tobacco products at the point of sale. The Union grantee Hasanuddin University provides coordination, technical assistance, and monitoring of the program at the local level.

The Union team also met the newly appointed Rector of Hasanuddin University in Makassar to ensure the university would sustain a ban on tobacco advertising, promotion, and sponsorship and make the tobacco-free university.

Leaders taking accountability for tobacco control in Kediri, Blitar and Tulungagung districts

The Union facilitated the one-on-one meeting between the Mayor of Klungkung and the mayors of Kediri, Blitar, and Tulungagung cities. The Mayor of Klungkung shared the success stories of tobacco control in his district and highlighted the need for tobacco control policies and programs to prevent smoking among children and smoking-related diseases. He also pointed out that mayors should be held accountable to offer healthy environments to the population they serve. Strada, The Union grantee, works with local governments to offer advocacy and technical assistance.

At the end of the meeting, the three mayors signed a smoke-free commitment to demonstrate their dedication to tobacco control.

With Mayor of Sukabumi City - committing to ban the display of tobacco products at the point-of-sale

With the strategic guidance of The Union and its grantee No Tobacco Community (NOTC), a meeting was held with the Mayor of Sukabumi City in West Java Province, provided information on smoke-free, tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship ban and ban the display of tobacco products at the point-of-sale (POS). The Mayor made the assurance that smoke-free and ban display of tobacco products at the POS will be effectively implemented.

With Vice-Mayor of Denpasar - taking action on ban tobacco advertising

The Union met with the Vice-Mayor of Denpasar City and discussed accelerating the efforts of smoke-free implementation and banning tobacco advertising. Key actions were identified, for example, having monthly inspections by civil police to monitor smoke-free and establishing a Mayoral decree to ban the display of tobacco products at the point of sale. The Union grantee Udayana Central provides policy advocacy, technical support, capacity building, and stakeholder engagement in Bali.

With Smoke-Free team in Kulon Progo district - committing to prevent industry interference

Kulon Progo district in Yogyakarta province has implemented strong tobacco control that bans smoking in public places, tobacco advertising, and the display of tobacco products at the POS. The tobacco industry keeps trying to influence policymakers to revoke these policies and mobilise its front groups to promote sponsorship and advertising. To counter these tactics, The Union met with the Kulon Progo Smoke-Free team to provide technical support and strategic directions for smoke-free enforcement and solutions to counter tobacco industry interference.

With Mayor of Banda Aceh City - gaining commitments for enforcement

The Union held a meeting with the Mayor of Banda Aceh city along with health office, civil police and civil society organisations to sustain the efforts of smoke-free enforcement. Key actions will be commenced immediately, including random inspections and installation of "no smoking" signage in the hospitality sector. Health Office and civil police agreed to work hand in hand to lead the smoke-free implementation in the city. Aceh Institute, The Union grantee, provides coordination, technical assistance and monitoring support.