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Korean National Tuberculosis Association

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Korean National Tuberculosis Association

The aims and objectives of the Korean National Tuberculosis Association

The Korean National Tuberculosis Association (KNTA)s vision is to provide the best service, trusted and acknowledged by everyone, regarding tuberculosis and respiratory disease. KNTA has been leading the way of tuberculosis extermination with the best service and technology, in order to establish a tuberculosis-free country where the people can be relieved from tuberculosis.

Based on technical skills and knowhow accumulated since 1953, we are making a healthy world without tuberculosis through tuberculosis extermination and support for vulnerable social groups, as well as contributing in international tuberculosis extermination projects.

What the Christmas Seal design represents

Marking the 70th anniversary of its foundation, the KNTA worked with Anthony Browne, a picture book author loved by Koreans, on 2023 Christmas seal designs. Anthony Browne captured hearts of people all over the world with his brilliant imagination and concise and humorous expression of the themes that all generations can relate to. In 2020, he received the Hans Christian Andersen Award, which is called the Nobel Prize in children’s literature, and was honored with the conferment of the Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in 2021.

"We have created the 2023 Christmas seal with the hope that we all have a warm heart to care for each other through the Anthony Browne’s work, which was reborn as a Christmas seal."

The Korean National Tuberculosis Association first produced Christmas Seals in 1953, the year it was established.

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