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Community Connect 2021

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The Community Connect is an area where representatives from the community can share, experience and develop ideas and projects around 4 tracks related to lung health and non-communicable diseases. Set to inspire, engage and give a voice to the community.

Please note: Submissions for Community Connect are now closed.


This year's Community Connect has four tracks:

1.     Community, rights, and gender: Implementation experience, best practices and stories from affected communities to ensure community-centred, rights-based and gender responsive healthcare for all.

2.     Innovation in TB, tobacco control, COVID-19, lung health and non-communicable diseases: Shared learning based on innovative research and advances to prioritise communities' needs on the health agenda.

3.     Political environments for community-led advocacy to influence policy: Government and community partnerships, advocacy and community-led monitoring of laws, policies or guidelines and engagement in multi-stakeholder accountability mechanisms.

4.     Social determinants of health for vulnerable groups: Research and recommendations to ensure high quality healthcare for key populations and vulnerable groups. This could include home-based care and integrated services for nutritional support, psychological support and financial support.


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