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Philippine Tuberculosis Society, Inc.

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Philippine Tuberculosis Society, Inc. Christmas Seal 2023

The aims and objectives of the Philippine Tuberculosis Society, Inc. (PTSI)

PTSI was founded in July 1910, with a vision to be a leading partner in the elimination of TB in the Philippines, that will bring not only a better quality of life for Filipinos but will also add to the country’s over-all socio-economic development. 

PTSI’s TB mission is primarily focused on the key areas of research, training, clinical management and innovative community approaches. 

What the Christmas Seal design represents

The Philippine Tuberculosis Society Inc. (PTSI) is one with the world in advocating the preservation of nature and the environment. Our 2023 TB Seal celebrates nature’s bountiful gifts not just to the Philippines but to all other countries of the world.

Entitled “Gifts from Mother Earth”, our 2023 TB seal showcases nature at its finest in the Philippines.

"Generously endowed with a beautiful landscape, rich in flora and fauna, our country boasts of natural scenic spots like its winding coastlines, white powdery beaches, and picturesque mountains and hills in the countryside. Not only these, we also present with pride our bright tropical blooms and the colourful ethnicities of the Filipino people. All of these are much admired by tourists and travellers who have set foot on our shores.

"All of these are Gifts from Mother Earth to the Philippines, which Filipinos will always be grateful for. We enjoin all countries of the world to help preserve the beauty of their own country’s natural environs. Let’s all say Thank You for the Gifts from Mother Earth!"

What the Christmas Seal sales support:

Funds raised through the sale of PTSI’s TB seals are used to subsidize its TB programs and activities, in particular its TB advocacy campaign and community outreach programs in the provinces where PTSI branch clinics are located. 

The Philippine Tuberculosis Society, Inc. first produced Christmas Seals in 1910, the year it was founded.

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