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Next generation of lung health leaders: Sofía Teresa Lozano Díaz

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Thanks to the generosity of Union members, The Union has been able to offer free student memberships to young people who may struggle to get a Union membership on their own. This is part of The Union’s drive to support the next generation of lung health leaders, providing them with opportunities to engage with experts and access the vast Union resources.

The Union is still accepting applications for these gift memberships. Please complete the application form if you would like to apply. Applicants need to be students or early career and 35 years of age or under.

Sofía Teresa Lozano Díaz

Sofía, a medical doctor from Mexico, was a recipient of a student membership in 2023. During her short time as a member, Sofía has presented at The Union World Conference on Lung Health 2023 and is now the Secretary of the Union Latin America regional committee.

We learn more about Sofía and her experience as a Union member.

Sofia Teresa Lozano Diaz

What are your areas of interest?

My primary focus is on latent tuberculosis (TB) in migrants passing through Mexico, as well as in medical students, and also encompasses issues related to extrapulmonary tuberculosis.

Recently, I have expanded my interest to include the mental health of people with TB. This diverse array of areas of interest reflects my commitment to comprehensively understanding and addressing the health challenges faced by these populations, from medical to emotional perspectives.

Why did you want to join The Union?

As a Latina physician, my commitment to public health is deeply influenced by the reality of living in a country like Mexico, where tuberculosis is endemic. Contemplating the impact of this disease on our community further motivated me to join The Union, a global organisation dedicated to addressing the challenges of tuberculosis worldwide.

I recognise that through the exchange of ideas and collaboration on research projects, we can move towards effective solutions to combat this disease. Therefore, I am excited to be part of this global network, where I can contribute my experience and work together to improve the health and well-being of our communities.

What did you enjoy about attending The Union World Conference on Lung Health 2023 in Paris?

One of the aspects I enjoyed most about the conference was the opportunity to connect with professionals and committed individuals who share the common goal of eradicating tuberculosis. I was excited to discover the significant advances in treatment regimens and innovative diagnostic techniques being implemented in other countries.

This exchange of knowledge and experiences inspired me and strengthened my determination to actively contribute to the fight against this disease both locally and globally.

What did you present as part of Youth4LungHealth at the Union Conference?

I had the privilege of being invited to a Youth4LungHealth interview, during which I discussed the challenges facing Latin America, with a particular focus on Mexico, in relation to tuberculosis and latent tuberculosis. I emphasised the crucial role that medical students play in combating this disease. It was an invaluable opportunity to underscore the urgency of coordinated actions and the transformative potential that young people possess in promoting health and preventing diseases like tuberculosis.

You can watch the interview below and on YouTube.

Why did you want to become part of the Union Latin America regional committee?

My motivation to join the Latin American committee lies not only in the desire to learn how to integrate into a team, but also in the opportunity to actively collaborate with a team dedicated to Latin America, thereby allowing me to be closer to the issue of tuberculosis in my country. This experience provides me with the chance to not only develop teamwork skills but also to delve deeply into the specific challenges we face in Mexico regarding this disease.