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New operational training course in Peru tackles critical updates in drug-resistant TB treatment and diagnosis

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A new and extensive operational training course on drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) was held in Lima, Peru, on 24-28 July.

A new and extensive operational training course on drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) was held in Lima, Peru, on 24-28 July.

Entitled “The XIV International Course of Clinical and Operational Management of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis”, the training was coordinated by Union Courses in collaboration with The Union Peru Office. The course attracted nearly 25 participants from healthcare management, clinical and governmental backgrounds, representing countries from across the Latin America region, including Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Brazil.

Opening the programme, The Union’s MDR-TB expert, Dr Jose Caminero, said, “Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) is one of the main obstacles to the effective control of this disease worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that around 580,000 new cases of this form of TB occur worldwide, with 5.3 percent prevalence in new TB cases in Peru alone.”

He added, “Recent updates to drug classifications, patient management and information around the new WHO-recommended treatment standard (a nine-month shortened regimen, rather than the previous 24) has meant a critical need for very specific training in this field - there are no shortcuts.”

Participants on the training course received training in new advances on the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control of MDR-TB and extensively drug-resistant TB (XDR-TB) in Latin America and the Caribbean. Attendees were also updated on the recommendations of the new WHO MDR-TB shortened treatment regimen.

As well as Dr Caminero, guest lecturers and facilitators included:

  • Dr Julia Ríos; National Health Strategy for TB Control (ESN-PCT), Peru
  • Dr Francisco Mestanza; ESN-PCT, Peru
  • Dr George Obregón; National TB Reference Laboratory, Peru
  • Dr Dante Vargas; ESN-PCT, Peru
  • Prof GB Migliori, MD; European Respiratory Society
  • Edith Alarcón; Pan American Health Organization, USA
  • Dr David Chavarri; Pan American Health Organization, Peru
  • Dr Alberto Mendoza; The Union

The course was organised by The Union, the ESN-PCT of Peru and the Pan American Health Organization. Additional collaborators included the European Respiratory Society and the Latin American Thoracic Society.

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