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Building community volunteer capacity in Myanmar

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This week, The Union conducted capacity building training for community volunteers in Myanmar to improve their counselling skills by sharing best practices.

The two-day training course aims to enhance successful re-engagement into the community by people living with drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB), early identification of common medication side effects and socio-economic factors that deter the compliance to treatment.

Fifteen community volunteers participated in the virtual training, which was led by technical experts from the World Health Organization and The Union. They covered the topics of drug-resistant TB (DR-TB), prevention of TB, counselling skills, TB and tobacco and management of medication side effects.

Volunteer counsellors play an important role in drug-resistant TB control activities. The knowledge and skills they received during the training should contribute to better treatment success rates of The Union’s Community-Based DR-TB Care Programme.

A volunteer is providing TB health education in slum area