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Coordinating Committee of Scientific Activities (CCSA)

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The CCSA coordinates the development of the scientific programme of the Union World Conference and oversees approval of official statements and other policy-related decisions.

CCSA Committee members

Subgroup 1

  • Carrie Tudor, Chair
  • Razia Fatima, TB section Chair
  • Refiloe Masekela, Adult & Child Lung Health section Chair
  • Degu Jerene Dare, HIV section Chair
  • Sonu Goel, Tobacco Control section Chair
  • Richard Anthony, Bacteriology and Immunology sub-section Chair
  • Niesje Jansen, Nurses and Allied Professionals sub-section Chair
  • Frederick Quinn, Zoonotic TB sub-section Chair
  • Kobto Koura, Director, Department of TB
  • Gan Quan, Director, Department of Tobacco Control
  • Ajay Kumar, Director, Department of Research

Subgroup 2

  • Carrie Tudor, Chair
  • Rovina Ruslami, Conference Programme Lead, TB section
  • Bertrand Mbatchou Ngahane, Conference Programme Lead, Adult & Child Lung Health section 
  • Palwasha Khan, Conference Programme Lead, HIV section
  • Pin Pin Zheng, Conference Programme Lead, Tobacco Control section
  • Verma Ajoy Kumar, Conference Programme Lead, TB - Bacteriology & Immunology sub section
  • Fernando Sanches, Conference Programme Lead, Nurses and Allied Professionals sub section
  • Liliana Salvador, Conference Programme Lead, Zoonotic TB sub section
  • Zahedul Islam, Civil Society representative
  • Kobto Ghislain Koura, Institute representative