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Taiwan Anti-Tuberculosis Association

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TATA Seal 2021

The aims and objectives of the Taiwan Anti-Tuberculosis Association

Taiwan Anti-Tuberculosis Association aims to provide support to people with tuberculosis, promote the tuberculosis prevention education, and increase the general public’s knowledge on tuberculosis.

What the Christmas Seal design represents

The design idea for the 2021 Christmas Seals is “love”, combined with the theme of the traditional ship “Tatala” from the Tao people (one of the Taiwanese indigenous peoples). Love guides the ships on the misty ocean in the right directions and protects their safety. Just as the central spirit of the association, to become a steady strength supports the society. Our care has started here in Taiwan and expanded to people worldwide, animals and plants, and the natural environment. We will continue to spread love and care to this universe.

What the Christmas Seal sales support

Currently, all the proceeds from fundraising go to support the Directly Observed Treatment Short-Course (DOTS) plan conducted by Taiwan CDC to provide living subsidies to those underprivileged people with tuberculosis.

The Taiwan Anti-Tuberculosis Association first produced Christmas Seals in 1954.

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