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Korean National Tuberculosis Association

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KNTA 2021 Christmas Seal

The aims and objectives of the Korean National Tuberculosis Association

The Korean National Tuberculosis Association (KNTA)s vision is to provide the best service, trusted and acknowledged by everyone, regarding tuberculosis and respiratory disease. KNTA has been leading the way of tuberculosis extermination with the best service and technology, in order to establish a tuberculosis-free country where the people can be relieved from tuberculosis.

Based on technical skills and knowhow accumulated over the course of eight years, we are making a healthy world without Tuberculosis through Tuberculosis extermination and support for vulnerable social groups, as well as contributing in international tuberculosis extermination projects.

What the Christmas Seal design represents

The theme of the 2021 Christmas seal is several characters from a top-rated TV show in Korea titled "Hangout with you". This is a show that was started in order to find out what the show host Yoo Jae-suck does during his days off. The TV producer passed the camera to host Yoo and recorded it spontaneously.

Subsequently, Yoo takes on the challenge of a new job he has never tried before with a different identity, which is called 'Bu-Cae (secondary roles)'. According to the given situation, he completed the missions with all of his efforts and gave the people the gift of laughter. His ability to overcome challenges gave the message to us, the audience, that there is hope. It is a Yoo-niverse, the universe in which Yoo created diverse characters in the show, and it symbolized hope and passion.

The 2021 Christmas seal was inspired by these characters. The Christmas Seal also has a theme of hope and passion due to how Yoo overcomes his own limitations during the challenges. Even though wearing a mask and social distance gradually assimilated into everyday life, we believe the end of the pandemic is coming soon, and KNTA wants to spread the hope of overcoming it together.

The Korean National Tuberculosis Association first produced Christmas Seals in 1953, the year it was established.

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