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Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association

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JATA Seal 2021

The aims of the Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association

Contribute to the improvement of national health and welfare and providing necessary international cooperation towards ending TB.

The objectives of the Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association

Conduct activities related to the prevention and care of TB and other diseases, as well as education and dissemination, studies and research for the health of the people.

What the Christmas Seal design represents:

The theme of the 2021 seal, which was designed by TB survivor and illustrator Toru Asai, is “Far in distance, close at heart”. It represents our strong ties under Covid-19 epidemic.

What the Christmas Seal sales support:

Through the seal fund campaign, the Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association (JATA) has been providing public awareness building programs and training programs for health care workers both in Japan and developing countries for over 50 years.

In addition, the JATA has been conducting projects to support national TB control programs in developing countries, with the focus currently being on Zambia, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Nepal.

The Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association first produced Christmas Seals in 1952.

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