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Hong Kong Tuberculosis, Chest & Heart Diseases Association

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HKTBA 2021 Christmas Seal

The aims and objectives of the Hong Kong Tuberculosis, Chest & Heart Diseases Association:

  • To promote, encourage or undertake research and experimental work on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and any other aspects of the diseases and malfunction of the chest, heart and lung; 
  • To establish, maintain, support or operate care and attention home for the elderly, to provide Health Education, Health Promotion, Chinese Medicine Services and Oral Health Services; and To strengthen the Association’s links with other regional and international professional organisations.

What the Christmas Seal design represents:

Due to the pandemic situation, the Olympic Games was postponed for 2021 in Tokyo.  People all round the world feel excited and actively participate in different kind of sports. Hope all of us can keep up the spirit for doing regular and adequate exercises to achieve a healthier life. Let’s get moving for better health!

The Hong Kong Tuberculosis, Chest & Heart Diseases Association first produced Christmas Seals in 1992.

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