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Public Monitoring and Reporting Violations: engaging civil society through innovations in technology to improve compliance with tobacco control laws

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Wednesday 6 July, 13:00 – 15:00 CET

Join The Union’s webinar to hear from experts as they share their experiences using innovative technology to support public monitoring of tobacco control laws. During this webinar, ask questions and hear lessons learned from real-world case studies, learn about best practices, and find out how these tools can improve implementation.

Webinar Objectives

Effective implementation of tobacco control policies requires support and engagement from civil society. Innovations in technology can facilitate implementation and monitoring, and ultimately improve compliance with the law.

This webinar aims to:

  • Highlight the role of civil society in monitoring of tobacco control laws and how the use of technology can facilitate engagement.
  • Showcase how innovative use of technology and social media can support enforcement to monitor compliance with tobacco control laws through real-world examples.
  • Demonstrate some of the common challenges in adopting these technologies and strategies for overcoming them.
  • Explore free resources available that support civil society monitoring efforts.

Speaker Bios

Dr Bolormaa Sukhbaatar, Technical Officer, World Health Organization

Bolormaa Sukhbaatar joined the WHO as Technical Officer for Noncommunicable diseases at WHO Representative’s Office in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia since Nov 2018. Her areas of work include prevention and control of NCDs, risk factor reduction, mental health and substance abuse, violence and injury prevention, disability and rehabilitation, blindness prevention and nutrition. Prior to working with WHO, Bolormaa was Senior officer at the Division of International Cooperation, Ministry of Health, coordinating multilateral relations and cooperation with UN agencies and other international organizations in various health areas including health systems development, prevention and control of communicable and noncommunicable diseases and contributing to policy development for loan and aid in the health sector.  Bolormaa worked in the government for over eight years in roles of public administration and management, executive assistant to Health Minister, senior officer responsible for coordinating foreign aid and loan in health sector. She is a medical doctor and holds a Master of Health Services Management from Monash University in Australia, a Bachelor of Medicine from the Health Sciences University of Mongolia. 

Cyril Alexander, Executive Director of the MARY ANNE Charity Trust (MACT)

Cyril Alexander is the Executive Director of the MARY ANNE Charity Trust (MACT), a child-focused development organization he founded in 2000. MACT expanded its expertise into the fields of education, health & advocacy. Cyril’s strength in advocacy led him to focus on tobacco control and, along with the support of likeminded individuals and organizations, he started the Tamilnadu People’s Forum for Tobacco Control (TNPFTC). He has also directed issue-based films on the harms of smoking and on tobacco control. Cyril completed his Master’s in Social Work from Loyola College his Bachelor’s in History from St. Joseph’s College, Trichy. 

Jianshu Zhang, President of the Beijing Tobacco Control Association

Jianshu ZHANG has been engaged in health publicity and health promotion for a long time. He was the full-time Deputy Director of the Beijing Municipal Patriotic Health Campaign Committee. Since he was appointed as the President of the Beijing Tobacco Control Association in 2014, he has devoted himself to the establishment and implementation of the Beijing Municipal Tobacco Control Regulations. He has led to create the “Tobacco Control on One Map” and its WeChat complaint and reporting system, has designed and advocated three gestures to discourage smoking in public places, and together with colleagues has formed a team of tens of thousands of “tobacco control volunteers”, bringing together all social forces to participate in the creation of a smoke-free Beijing. He won the 2015 "China Tobacco Control Outstanding Contribution Award" and the 8th "Chinese Tobacco Harm Control Contribution Award". The Beijing Tobacco Control Association, under his leadership, won the "World No Tobacco Day Award" in 2021. 

Dr Nandita Murukutla, Vice President of Global Policy and Research, Vital Strategies

Dr. Nandita Murukutla is a social scientist with a background in behavioral economics. At Vital Strategies, Dr. Murukutla provides scientific leadership by ensuring that its health communication programs and policy advocacy efforts reflect the latest evidence from the social behavioral sciences. She collaborates with experts and supervises a team in primary research, monitoring and evaluation, cost-effectiveness, and policy analysis. This analysis has supported decisions by governments and other stakeholders in upto 60 countries across Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Eastern Europe in the areas of food policy, road safety and injury prevention, tobacco control, maternal and reproductive health, and more recently in the public health response to COVID-19. She holds a PhD in Social Psychology from Yale University, USA.